Who Should Report Vacancies

  • Designated Employers - every employer employing 25 or more employees must notify the bureau of any vacancy or new position on form ESA3a, at least fourteen calender days before the closing date for applications relating to the vacancy or position concerned. Where applications are not solicited, the notice must be made at least 14 calender days before the intended date of filling the vacancy or position concerned.
  • Prospective Employer - every person who intends to operate a new employment establishment whereby he or she or it would become a designated employer-must notify the bureau on the ESA3a and at least 30 calender days before employing persons.
  • Other Employers - although not mandated, employers employing less than 25 employees may also report vacancies.

Reporting on Referred Job Seeker:

a. Report back to the Bureau withon 30 calender days from the date of receipt of the job seekers referrals from the bureau; or

b. Within seven calender days if the positon is filled at a later date; and

c. Must indicate - 

  • The positons which were filled;
  • The dates the respective positions were filled
  • Whether positions were filled or not by job seekers referred by Bureau, and
  • if referred job seekers were not employed by the employer, reasons for such non-placement.

Provision of Information by Designated Employers:

All designated employers must annually submit to the bureau a full profile of its establishment in terms of section 17(1) of the Act. The due date for submission is the last day of April every year. 

Records and Returns:

1. All designated employers in terms of section 17(1) of the Act must keep records of all vacancies and all aspects relating to vacancies.

2. The records must be - 

  • In English;
  • Kept at the designated employer's principal place of business, and
  • Retained by the designated employer for a period of not less than five years.

Are There Any Vacancies Available in your Organisation

Submit your notification to the nearest Employment Services Bureau. The office will process your request within 14 days.

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Which Positions to Notify

Notify the bureau of any vacancy or new position, whether temporary or non-temporary, in your establishment. Employers may also report internships/apprenticeship.

When Employer Posted Job Advert(s) on the System, should he/she still submit form ESA3a Manually?

No, the system will automatically notify the bureau of vacant or new positions in your establishment through the system.

How Long Before the Bureau refer Candidates?

The Bureau will refer the job seekers particulars within 14 calender days from the date of receipt of a vacancy notification.

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