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The Namibia Small-and-Medium-Sized Enterprise (SME) Portal Site developed by the Ministry of Trade and Industry is a tool which enables to disseminate SME information to Namibia, Africa and the rest of the world. The aim of the SME Portal Site is to develop local economy through sales promotion of SMEs, facilitating the establishment of partnership among international organizations, private sectors and NGOs.

The population of Namibia is small for its area, but its unemployment rate is relatively high. In recent years, there are increasing number of local entrepreneurs starting medium and small businesses and that helps revitalize the local economy since there are not many big companies in the region.

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Small and Medium Size Enterprise Bank

SME Bank was founded by the Government of Namibia following the dissolution of the Small Business Credit Guarantee Trust (SBCGT) that was transformed into a fully-fledged Commercial Banking Institution.

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