Public Work Programs

Public Works and Employment

These are a set of nationally owned policies and instruments that support access to goods and services by all households and individuals irrespective of their expertise or level of education. It also involves procurement of goods and services and public infrastructural development. The aims of this initiative are to provide short and medium term employment; get the unemployed back into the labour market; provide income support to the poor and; ensure household food security, creating assets and developing poor areas. Public works can provide gainful and productive employment.Not only that, but it contributes to the development of the economy especially rural economy by increasing income at household level.


De-Bushing is a project idea that was identified by this Ministry as feasible and with potential to create sustainable employment in the country. It has not been implemented yet. This is a public works/public-partnership programme utilizing labour intensive methods to de-bush, to improve productivity in the Agricultural Sector and to convert biomass into energy. It will target Government and private farms. It will be implemented in collaboration with relevant O/M/As and SOEs.

Are Public Works Programmes Effective in Reinforcing Social Protection Systems?

This paper analyses the effectiveness of Public Work Programmes (PWPs) in creating employment, reducing poverty and reinforcing the existing social protection system in Namibia.

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