Mass Housing

Affordable Housing and Job Creation

The Mass Housing Development Programe (MHDP) was officially launched in November 2013 as the NHE (National Housing Enterprise) was mandated to provide low cost housing in this regard. The main strategic goal of the program is that of causing the construction of 185 000 housing units by the year 2030. The objectives hereof are to provide access to affordable housing to the Namibian people; to empower the economy through ownership of a tradable asset (a house) that can be used as security for further wealth and asset generation at household level; to create jobs and stimulate economic growth; as well as to redistribute land to the needy.

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Highlights on Housing


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The Mass Housing Development Programe

Launched by Hon. Pohamba,the ambitious Mass Housing Development programe is in line with the Namibian government’s Vision 2030, a strategy document that outlines the government’s long-term development objectives.

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