• Child Labour: A World Phenomenon

    Labour cases across the world worry government officials worldwide.
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A Year's Worth of Big Labour Moments, in BC and Beyond

Labour Day, is one last hurrah before a new school year starts or simply the final long weekend of the summer. For others, it's a time to reflect on the gains and losses of working people over the last 12 months. The holiday, unique to North America, was devised in the late 19th century to stave off labour strife surrounding May 1, the internationally celebrated workers' day. But Labour Day is not without radical roots. Read More

Young Domestic Workers Speak Out

Child domestic workers worldwide campaign for the International Labour Organisation to 'Stand With Us' and help protect young domestic workers from abuse and exploitation.
Support the campaign Anti-Slavery Campaign

Inequality Trapping Millions in Poverty

More than 200 million people will be trapped in extreme poverty unless countries accelerate actions to tackle economic inequality, Oxfam warned in a paper.

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Israel Tries to Bring 20 000 Chinese Workers

Israel plans to bring in 20,000 Chinese construction workers to help build new apartments as part of efforts to lower housing costs, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said today.

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Sports & Creativity

An Employment Law Perspective of Quotas on Sports

From an employment law perspective, the idea of a “quota system” in sport is peculiar.

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Ireland’s First Sports Cluster to Generate up to 500 New Jobs

500 new jobs in start-ups and multinationals providing everything from sports tech to food and nutrition products.

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Playing Adaptive Sports Linked to Higher Employment, Economic Impact

A new study from the University of Houston Department of Health and Human Performance (HHP) finds playing an adaptive sport.

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Why the Rugby World Cup's Economic Impact is Nothing to Get Excited About

The economic benefits of international sporting tournaments to national economies.

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