Geingob Unveils N$164 billion NDP5

NDP5The National Planning Commission (NPC) has confirmed that President Geingob will launch the Fifth National Development Plan (NDP5) – to which government has committed N$164,2 billion over the next five years – at State House this morning.

NDP5 builds on the successes and achievements of the four previous national development plans, and recognises the challenges experienced during their implementation. In this vein global, continental, regional and national development frameworks informed NDP5. The principle of sustainable development permeates NDP5, and the plan frames the achievement of progress within a framework of ensuring the ability of future generations to thrive.

In the same spirit, NDP5 has four key goals, namely achieve inclusive, sustainable and equitable economic growth; build capable and healthy human resources; ensure sustainable environment and enhance resilience and promote good governance through effective institutions. The formulation of NDP5 embraces the concept of partnership in the pursuit of the country’s national development goals. The National Planning Commission formulated NDP5 through extensive consultations with a wide variety of stakeholders, from local, regional and national representatives, civil society, the private sector and Namibia’s development partners.

The NDP5 policy document, which outlines the desired outcomes and strategies, will be accompanied by an implementation plan, which outlines the cost parameters of the programmes and projects that will ensure the implementation of the identified strategies for each focus area in NDP5 and the achievement of the desired outcomes. It further contains the implementation tracking tables, which lay out indicators and indicator targets for each of the identified programmes and projects that will form the basis for monitoring.

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