System Challenges

Some of the challenges that currently exist:

Government has initiatives to deal with unemployment and skills development, however people looking for jobs/skills do not know about these and even if they do, often do not know-how to access these programmes (of Government) or are unable to do so for a variety of other reasons. Skills developed and work experiences acquired at a local level or in government programmes are not tracked adequately and therefore do not assist in finding new jobs

There is difficulty obtaining accurate data on the effectiveness of the above-mentioned government programmes

  • It is difficult to get a clear understanding of what programmes exist and how effective they are .e.g.  What kind of impact they are having on the employment situation
  • It is difficult to keep track of the development of people’s skills and the impact this has on the people’s lives as interventions are done
  • Currently there are numerous of different systems/initiatives, measurement tools etc… and this contributes to general confusions surrounding this issue.

People in Business/Private Sector

  • Are ignorant of Government programmes and their beneficiaries, which often mean that after the short-term government intervention, the beneficiary goes back to being unemployed
  • Do not know where to find skills from disadvantaged communities. More needs to be done to surface the skills and competence that do exist.


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