System Objectives

The Integrated Employment Information System is a program spanning across many sectors rather than a single project.

System Objectives:

  • Create Comprehensive electronic database of unemployed people and their skills
  • Become the single source of all information related to skills development and jobs within the Government
  • Assist job seekers in finding jobs and employers finding qualified workers
  • Utilise existing public internet infrastructure (e.g. internet cafés, 3G) to get information on programmes, register, develop, update CV’s and apply for jobs/opportunities
  • Government/Private sector understand what’s happening with respect to skills development in their areas, employment creation and retrenchments etc…

The purpose of this system is not only to collect job seekers information. But to manage that information, manage opportunities, manage Training, match suitably qualified and suitably experienced people with suitable employment/opportunities.

The system enables service providers to publish opportunities to which unemployed people can apply, whether online on the web or via cell phone, SMS. The system also enables to manage training opportunities, capacity building of people that none or a certain level of experience in a variety of fields.

With the system being online it can be accessed from anywhere anytime making it easy for continues capturing or updating of job seeker information; training; projects, employment and opportunities.

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