About the System

It’s widely acknowledged that unemployment is a problem of critical proportions to the Namibian economy. According to the Namibia Labour Force Survey (NLFS) 2014, 28.1% of Namibians are unemployed.

In the light of the above, the Government of the Republic on Namibia convened a National Employment Creation Summit on September 30th, 2010 to discuss the rampant unemployment in the country, the absence of a skilled labour force and how this acts as a major interference on economic growth and social unity in the country.  The conference was attended by senior Government Ministers, Captains of Industry, Representatives of Organized Labour as well as Civil Society Organisations. The Summit agreed that unemployment in Namibia has reached national crisis proportions and needed urgent short and medium term interventions to remedy the alarming situation.

In this context, it was suggested that national employment creation activities be focused primarily on a few sectors of the economy with the highest potential to generate faster economic growth and thereby create more employment opportunities in the country. These sectors include agriculture; tourism; public works, transport and infrastructure; logistics; low cost housing and sanitation as well as mining and fisheries. A National Task Force, coordinated by the Office of the Prime Minister in conjunction with the Ministry of Labour, has already been established to streamline all these employment creation efforts.

The Namibian Government has various other on-going national strategies to address unemployment and job creation, including vision 2030 and the National Development Plans (NDPs). The Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare is charged with overseeing the labour markets and such the employment situation in the country. In this connection, the Ministry has identified the need for acquiring an Electronic Integrated Employment information Systems as a STRATEGIC tool to e used in accurately Collecting, Organising, Handling, Managing, Reporting on and Monitoring of the employment and labour related information in the country. In addition, such a system would be used to support all the national employment creation efforts in the country.

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