Responsibilities of Community Involvement

  • To be open and honest with leaders, community partners, and community members
  • To make realistic commitments and fulfill ALL commitments
  • To prepare before working with the community by attending orientation and attending on-going training and reflection sessions
  • To commit to continued learning about the community partner and challenging oneself to be a better participant through dialogue, reading, and training workshops
  • To enter into service with humility, enthusiasm, commitment, openness and a willingness to learn
  • To ask questions, treat people respectfully, listen and learn
  • To appropriately seek guidance and direction
  • To be prompt and dependable
  • To respect confidentiality and privacy and the individual circumstances of community members
  • To be an appropriate role model, particularly when working with children
  • To be flexible
  • To ask for help when you need it
  • To realize that you are not the only one giving

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