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Opportunities for Job Creation in a Green Economy

Our focus on promoting the green economy in Namibia is motivated by the need to improve and create a harmonious balance between the well-being of our people and the imperative of industrialisation, job creation, the utilisation of our natural resources for the benefit of our people and the need to ensure sustainability and environmental conservation.
There is increased awareness that the current economic model is inefficient. It fails both in delivering decent jobs on the social and economic level and in terms of environmental sustainability. This has been acknowledged in the recent discourse on the green economy which puts environmental sustainability including adaptation and mitigation at the forefront.

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ILO Green Jobs and Green Economy Namibia

The Namibian government recognizes the concept of a green economy as an effective means of contributing to the sustainable development and job creation initiative in our country, supporting the achievement of the goals set out in the National Planning Commission's Vision 2030.

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