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  • Namibia Integrated Employment Information System

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Did You Know?
: NIEIS is the actual system that carries registered jobseekers, employers and job opportunities and vacancies.
: Every registered jobseeker is accessible by potential employers, and thus having a better chance of being discovered and recruited.
: The establishment of the NIEIS was brought forth by government law, making every employer who is not registered on the system, in violation of the law.
: N@W is the parent website to the NIEIS portal, that shares all labour related news and information and offers a platform for interaction with the public.
: N@W introduced the (Namibia Integrated Employment Information System), an online system that makes recruitment and job hunting more efficient and successful.
: Namibia@Work is a government program aimed at reducing unemployment in the country.

Where Would You Like To Work?

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Confidentiality & Dissemination of Information: Statistics Act No. 9 of 2011 Section 44

Prohibition of Disclosure of Information

44.(1) A document, an information or a record provided to the Agency or any other body authorised by the Minister to undertake a statistical or spatial data collection or obtained from administrative records and that relates to an individual, household, government body, undertaking or any other organisation, may not be-

(a) disclosed to a third party;

(b) admitted as evidence in legal proceedings, except for purposes of criminal proceedings in terms of this Act; or

(c) disclosed to a government body for non-statistical purposes.

(2) A document, an information or a record obtained in terms of this Act may not be published or disseminated in a manner which permits the identification of a specific individual, household, undertaking or other organisation, unless the person, household, undertaking or organisation consents in writing to the publication or dissemination in that manner.

(3) Subsections (1) and (2) do not apply to documents, information or records about an individual, household, undertaking or organisation -

(a) already published or available on a database accessible to the public; or

(b) for whose publication or dissemination the individual, household, undertaking or organisation gave written permission.

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